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Welcome to Massive Maine Coon, your premier destination for exquisite Maine Coon cats. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan we take pride in providing purebred Maine Coon kittens to homes across the United States.

Our dedication to the Maine Coon breed shines through in every facet of our cattery. From impeccable bloodlines to exceptional care, we are committed to raising Maine Coon kittens that are sure to bring joy to your home.​

Our Maine Coon kittens are born and raised in an environment filled with love and attention. We prioritize their health and well-being, ensuring they receive all the necessary certificates and vaccinations to start their journey in their new homes on the right paw!​

We believe that every Maine Coon has a unique charm and personality. That’s why our kittens are carefully selected from distinguished bloodlines, resulting in cats that not only boast stunning physical attributes but great personalities.

​We are here to make the adoption process smooth and personal. We offer pick-up options, and our personal delivery services ensure that your new kitten receives the care and attention they deserve right at your doorstep.

​Be sure to explore our gallery where you can can the happiness and love that Maine Coon cats bring to families. Discover our available kittens and make your reservation today.

At Massive Maine Coon we are dedicated to preserving the Maine Coon legacy, breeding these majestic cats purely for you. Join our community of Main Coon enthusiasts and start a beautiful journey with a Maine Coon kitten that will surely become a cherished member of your family.


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